t-zones (a.k.a. $5.99 Internet access) on the iPhone

September 17th, 2007

UPDATE 3 (May 12, 2009): This tutorial and the two update links below it are outdated. Instead, setting up T-zones is now a super easy 30 second process.

UPDATE 2 (July 26, 2008): There is a much easier way to set up T-Zones now.

UPDATE: After going through my logs I’ve noticed that there are a lot of Windows users checking out this guide. So I’ve added a step 0 to help them out.

I received my iPhone on Friday and immediately went about actvating and unlocking it, and at the end of the tutorial, there’s a link to a forum discussion on getting t-zones working on your iPhone. After reading through it and placing a call to t-mobile’s customer support (great folks over there!) I finally got it working. Here are the steps needed in an easy to follow format.

I’m going to make a couple of assumptions in this tutorial.

  1. You have T-Mobile and t-zones
  2. You installed OpenSSH on your iPhone (part 3 of the unlocking process
  3. Your iPhone has Wi-Fi access.

0) Windows users install WinSCP If you’re running Windows, install a file transfer client to move the files between your computer and your iPhone. I recommend WinSCP. If the tutorial makes anymore mention about transferring files between computers, just use WinSCP and connect to the IP of your iPhone. Set the protocol to be SSH/SSH2.

1) Turn off Auto-Lock Go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘General’ -> ‘Auto-Lock’ and select ‘Never.’ You can turn it back on after you’re done with this, but for now disable it.

2) Enter APN, username and password Go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘General’ -> ‘Network’ -> ‘Edge.’ For the APN field enter wap.voicestream.com. Make sure the username and password fields are empty.

3) Create proxy.pac Thanks to kdub3000 for the file contents. Open TextEdit or your favorite text editor on Linux, and paste in the following code into a new document:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
if (isInNet(myIpAddress(), "", ""))
return "PROXY";
return "DIRECT";

Save the file to your Desktop as proxy.pac. On OS X, make sure TextEdit doesn’t append a .txt extension to the file.

4) Find the IP address of your iPhone Go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Wi-Fi’, and click on the blue dot next to the name of the network your iPhone is currently connected to (the one with the checkbox). Look at the IP address there and remember it or write it down.

5) Upload proxy.pac to the iPhone Now we need to copy proxy.pac to our iPhone’s /private/var/root/ directory. If you know how to do this using a Cyberduck or any other file transfer program, feel free to do so. Otherwise open up a terminal (OS X, go to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.app) and enter the following command with the ip address of your iPhone substituted for the $IPHONE_IP:

scp ~/Desktop/proxy.pac root@$IPHONE_IP:/private/var/root/

On my Wi-Fi network, my iPhone’s IP is, so I typed this command:

scp ~/Desktop/proxy.pac root@

Hit ‘Enter’ and it will prompt you for your iPhone’s root password. The default is ‘dottie’, without the quotes.

6) Update preferences.plist Now we’ll copy preferences.plist to our local system for editing. It’s located at /private/var/root/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist on your iPhone. Download it to your desktop using your favorite file transfer client, or use this command:

scp root@$IPHONE_IP:/private/var/root/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist ~/Desktop/

Open up the preferences.plist file from your Desktop in your text editor, and look for the area of the file where it has the lines:


Note that the text inside the string tags should be ip1 (as opposed to en0, ip2 or anything else). Now add the following chunk of xml (in red) to the file in the appropriate place (thanks to syasses):



By adding this code to the file, you’re instructing your iPhone to use a proxy (T-Mobile’s t-zones server) for your communications over GPRS. Save the file.
Now upload the file back to your iPhone with the command:

scp ~/Desktop/preferences.plist root@$IPHONE_IP:/private/var/root/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

7) Restart the iPhone Hold down the sleep button for 3 seconds on your iPhone, and then turn it off. Turn it back on, and you should be able to access the Internet through t-zones for just $6!

I tested my GPRS speed at iphonenetworktest.com and I got 154.2 kbps.

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  1. 31337
    February 25th, 2008 at 21:18 | #1

    ok, so finally i get edge working on my iphone using t-zone 5.99 plan. big thanx to the devolpment team at hackintosh.org.

    first Go to installer and under sources add bigboss’s Apps and thngs (http://sleepers.net/iphonerepo).

    after that go to Tweaks 1.1.3 and install the T-mobile 1.1.3 Tzones Hack.

    Then go to general> settings> edge> Apn.

    Under APN type wap.voicestream.com

    Leave username and password fields blank.

    click the button to go to homepage on iphone and then shut off your phone using the main button on iphone to turn it off(hold it for 3-5 secs — the button on top)and restart it and it should work flawlessly.

    BTW i was able to use YOUTUBE, maps, safari and basically everything with just 5.99 tmobile plan.

    P.S dont forget to add the Sticky APN to make sure the edge stays there after reboot.

    also you can add surrealNetworks: http://iphone.surrealnetwork.com/repo and then go to install and under surrealnetworks you can install T-mobile T-zones Proxy and boom you should be all.

    I’m using fully jailbroken 1.1.3 which i upgraded from 1.1.2.

    hope it helped some of you or will…..

  2. Rkim07
    March 14th, 2008 at 13:15 | #2

    Guys, also check you have the latest SIM card cause cards that are 3 yrs or older, the EDGE icon doesn’t show up…

  3. snap
    March 28th, 2008 at 22:40 | #3

    hey all. just following all of your response and looking to try it myself. i have a 1.1.4 with tzone ready to go. alot of the post deals with 1.1.3 and below. will the steps work for 1.1.4 as well?


  4. james
    March 29th, 2008 at 23:02 | #4

    Thank you it works for me, including YouTube!!!
    I just to an iPhone, u/j/a and then everything works. Since I’ve been using the $6 data plan for internet browsing, I immediately look for a way to do it in iPhone, so I end up here.
    Followed the instruction (I used iphonebrowser to upload / download file) with one exception: the preference.plist file is not under library branch, but under root directory(I have 1.1.4 firmware).
    Restart, turn off WiFi, tried weather, safary, stock, AND youtube, youtube did popup a message saying youtube is not connected, but it is, everything is as using WiFi, but slower, much slower. Googlemap is fine, too, the difference is the location cycle is bigger, meaning it is less accurate than with WiFi.

    Here is the last difference, nothing to do with the instructions from here: I used to have $6 data plan with TMo, not anymore, but I still have access when I was using my t mobile wing, just a bit difficult to make connection. With IPhone, the connection is so easy, always make the connection at the first attempt (with tmobile wing, it is on average after 5 attempts).
    Thank you again.

  5. Paulo
    March 30th, 2008 at 13:30 | #5

    To be able to use youtube all you need to do is download iLiberty and find the youtube fix

  6. parkers0929
    April 9th, 2008 at 18:39 | #6

    I keep getting stuck on the root password, i have version 1.1.4, and the password is apparently not ‘dottie’. i had the phone unlocked at a t-mobile store, and i’m wondering if maybe the guy there changed the root password. anyone else have a similar problem?

  7. john
    April 12th, 2008 at 15:39 | #7

    Just a tip in 1.1.4 the preferences.plist is located @ private/var/preferences/SystemConfiguraton/preferences.plist

  8. chris
    April 13th, 2008 at 22:59 | #8

    hi, i have 1.1.4 unlocked and jailbreake and the only thing is not working with the t-zone on EDGE is iTunes, no one mention iTunes so i think is normal that its not working, just want to know.
    Thanks, please respond……..CHRIS.

  9. Victor
    April 25th, 2008 at 21:20 | #9

    instructions worked fine with my 1.1.4 version. No youtube though :( thanks anyways. greatly appreciated!!!

  10. Justin
    May 2nd, 2008 at 00:10 | #10

    I cant seem to get this to work with 2.0
    can someone please help me

  11. Will
    May 2nd, 2008 at 14:04 | #11

    T-zones (T-Mobile Web) on Iphone (unlock) 1.1.4. Try using the most simple method to unlock the Iphone: Ziphone. Once you are done and you have the latest software (1.1.4) on your iphone, try the following simple steps:

    *Select Installer.app > Select Install > All Packages > Community Sources > Install
    *Select Installer.app > Select System > BSD Subsystem > Install
    *Select Installer.app > Select Install > All Packages > OpenSSH > Install

    T-Zones $5.99 Proxy Hack (If you currently have these, UnInstall & ReInstall Them):
    Select Installer.app > Select Install > All Packages > Bigboss’s Beta/Experimental Source > Install
    Select Install > Tweaks (1.1.3) > Install T-Mobile 1.1.3 TZones Hack..
    Settings > General >Network > Edge > APN: type in: wap.voicestream.com Leave Username & PassWord Blank

    Restart phone and your done!


  12. codelicious
    May 11th, 2008 at 08:50 | #12

    works awesome on 1.1.4 !!! THANKS

  13. Jon
    June 24th, 2008 at 12:34 | #13

    Will’s instructions just 2 posts up worked great for me! Yay for $5.99 Internet.

  14. aceguy
    June 28th, 2008 at 11:44 | #14

    I have unlock and jailbreak iPhone since March, I have T-Mobile and when I got my iPhone I add the T-Mobile Total Internet service for $19.99 in addition to my current plan, I heard about this hack where you can enable T-Zone as your edge service, I try to do as the the guy explain in here, but it didn’t work on my iPhone, after a few weeks I decide to do it through Installers. Here is how to do it: go to installers then install, all packages on the search windows type t-mobile tzone then press search, on your result pick the right application for your iphone either for 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 and then install, restar your iphone, then go to settings,general, network and then go to EDGE on APN type wap.voicestream.com username and password leave blank and finally turn off your iphone wait about 10 seconds and turn it back on, the edge should be working just as fast as the total internet service but you saving you $14 every month, I know some people have been complaining about their youtube dont work with this hack but my is working fine, just everytime I goto my youtube over edge it say youtube not available just press ok and youtube works fine.

  15. giorgio
    September 20th, 2008 at 06:09 | #15

    Hi, I tried to install using Terminal but is says rconnection refused, I i am stuck at the point 2.
    I used the app I found on installer, still not workin. i see the E but no connection, here is the message: could not activate cellular data network: you are not subscribed to a cellular data service.
    Now the wifi is not work either, on the setting is gray and I can’t click it at all

  16. giorgio
    September 20th, 2008 at 06:12 | #16

    I set wap.voicestream.com on the AVP, is working now… let me check… mail OK, internet safari OKso it lookks good so dfar, bu still on the setting the Bluetoothand Wifi are gray!!!!
    Really need help, cant live without the wifi :)

  17. nik
    December 14th, 2008 at 15:33 | #17

    Hi, I do not see the system configuration folder in my iphone under preferences folderfor the preferences.plist files. I just see 3 files : global preference, .com.apple.preference.plist and .com.apple.stackshot.plist.
    can you please help?

  18. zayed
    January 12th, 2009 at 07:13 | #18

    I guess this fix is for 1x firmware
    is there any way to use it on 2.1 firmware??

  19. Edwin
    February 9th, 2009 at 08:32 | #19

    Works great, all I did is just put the proxy.pac into the root directory and I did not change anything in the preferences.plist. My Tzones works and my email works on Wifi atleast. I am using 2.2.1

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